Dan Bilzerian Accidentally Reveals his Real Income Source! (It’s Not Poker!)

By Eric Brauer, CNN | 08/09/16

Ever wondered how internet celebrity with over 10 Million Facebook fans – Dan Bilzerian supports his lifestyle? Supercars, different supermodels each day and private jet trips without the “regular” 24/7 hustle of millionaires. Sounds like a dream, right?

Dan claims to be playing poker for a living and in a recent interview Dan said that he had made over $50 Million in a single year playing poker. Unfortunately video interview has been deleted from YouTube, but you can still find various reputable sources writing about his claims. Here is one from Pokerstrategy. If this is just one record year, his total $100 million (Wikipedia Link) net worth seems reasonable, right? Well, we didn’t think so and decided to do a research style article. So why do we suspect he couldn’t have made $100 million in Poker? Because even the biggest and best Poker players in the world make only fraction of what Dan claims to have made. And besides that – Dan has never appeared in any major Poker games both offline and online, so even if he made some money playing it, it definitely didn’t exceed couple million.

Here is a quote from recent interview with Anthony Zinno – currently ranking as 4th best poker player in the world:

” I’ve been involved in both offline and online poker for 12 years and know of all the biggest names in the game. From what I’ve read, I’m not the only one who never heard of Dan Bilzerian. All serious players know that besides a handful of outliers, all of the biggest winners in poker play cash games, not tournaments. Online players also know basically every single player who plays in the biggest stakes in the world, which one would have to play in order to make anywhere near $10 million, let alone $100 million. ”

Video Interview with Anthony Zinno
Video Interview with Anthony Zinno

So we have established that Dan Bilzerian indeed didn’t make his fortune playing poker, it’s just a cover-up story he uses. But what does he do really? We had to dig deep, but after months of research we can say with 99% certainty that we have discovered the truth. Dan throws a hint or two on social media all the time, but the biggest proof of his real income came in 2014 with the famous iCloud leak, where Dan was hacked and his private photos were released as well. In one of the the leaked photos he was seen using a weird computer software to trade in Forex market.

Photo leaked from Dan Bilzerians private iCloud drive
Photo leaked from Dan Bilzerians private iCloud drive

Besides this leaked photo, just a couple of months ago Dan shared a Tweet mentioning and thanking a person no one knew – Oliver Miller. Tweet was deleted just hours later it was posted, but luckily some people managed to take a screenshot. We suspect it was a drunken tweet.


So who is this Oliver Miller person? We took it upon ourselves to find out. After hours of online searches, we found a link – turns out he is owner of the trading software Dan was seen using in 2014. There are hundreds of these trading softwares around, all claiming to generate thousands of dollars daily on autopilot. Of course, most of them are useless and don’t work in the real world, but couldn’t it be, that at least one of them actually do work? This seems to be the case.

Our next objective was to gain access to this software in order to figure out if it’s another scam or this time – the real deal. After countless dead-ends and ton of imposters claiming to be Oliver Miller and trying to sell us their fake software for over $50,000 in some cases, we finally found the real deal and believe it or not – turns out the actual, real software developed by Oliver Miller is 100% free and available to anyone.

Five of our editors set up the software and deposited couple hundred dollars in Forex market in order to test it out. We couldn’t believe the results – it really works! Software trades automatically and after 10 days of using it, we can say with certainty that it predicts winning trades with over 90% accuracy. What does it mean? It means that 90% of the trades software makes automatically (5 times a minute), you will win. Let’s say you trade with 100$ for 5 minutes. In those 5 minutes software will make 25 trades, winning 22.5 of them. Every time you win, you win 80$ ($100 minus commissions). Every time you lose, you lose full 100$. After 5 minutes $100 turns to $1,550 ($1,800 winnings, $250 losses). And these results are achieved by trading safely and not increasing your bid! Can you imagine doing the same trades with $1,000 not $100?

Now Dans fortune makes complete sense. This is how he can afford the most luxury lifestyle and not seem to be working at all. Software does everything for him. We don’t suspect most of our readers to even believe that this is real, but if you are one of those few who still believe in miracles, we have included link to the Millers software below. Again, it’s free and you don’t have to pay a single penny to check it out for yourselves.

Click Here


Because of the huge popularity of this post we decided to do a little experiment. We contacted 3 men aged 19, 27 and 36. Meet Troy Perkins (19), Marcus Hoffman (27) and Paul Zeitz (36). Their yearly salary ranges from 20 – 30k$. We checked all of these men in a hotel for a week and gave them access to Millers software. We also pre-loaded their trading account with 250$ and instructed them to follow the steps and run the software at least 3 times per day. After a full week we checked back in with them – results were simply amazing. Troy had made $55,188.32, Marcus made $43,991.03 and Paul was the start of the show – he had made $85,229.98 in a short week. We collected all the data and created the graph you can see below.


This experiment was done a week ago since we had to verify all the data before posting it here. At the moment Troy and Paul have quit their jobs and now work from home. Marcus is staying on the cautious side and is only trading on his free time for now. Another graph with day by day profits is posted below.